What does unleashing your Be*YOU*ty look like?

Clarity & Empowerment Coaching Sessions

Everyone deserves to be happy, feel healthier and have a great family, friend, love life balance, right? You are no different! Let's break through the obstacles that seem to be holding you back from that life. You have all the answers, now lets unleash them. 

Inner Beauty Coaching Sessions

Become your own kind of beautiful. Look we know sometimes our life is going great, but our appearance has taken the back burner. And on the other hand, some days we might look great, but our life could use some direction. Get back to being more confident, in control person you know you can be. Get that new job, new boyfriend or lose that weight. Live by your standards and no one else's. Lets unleash your inner beYOUty.

Hair Stylist - Beauty Professional Career Coaching

Looking to take your career to the next level? Become more profitable, authentic, and confident with your beauty career!

Salon / Beauty Professional Team Coaching

Up your teams earning potential, grow their numbers in pre-booking, weekly numbers, retail sales, average ticket and over all performance. We know its hard to find the time to sit down with each team member consistently to go over numbers and help them grow.  So we do it for you. Each team member on a monthly basis will set action steps and review their progress from the month before. Helping them be more accountable, and without you being the bad guy.


Hair Salon | Life & Beauty Professional Coach


Located In Salons By JC - Suite 20

1153 MD-3 

Gambrills, Anne Arundel County 21054


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